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Cod 4 Re-Presentation CokiBH [LMT] member!!

el Dom 01 Oct 2017, 8:25 pm
Hello everyone in LMT clan,i want to be LMT member, because i saw LMT Public Server [UO] dont have active admins(sometimes),i want say i will help with cheaters,i have experience about them!!
My Presentation is bellow, 2nd time!! Smile

1.NICK: CokiBH

2.AGE: 21

3.Country,City: Kakanj,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

4.Hobbies,sports,:table tennis,footbal,climbing sports.

5.Favorite games:call of duty series and battlefield series.

6.What Games are original, you have CD KEY / KEY?

7.As you meet our clan? You know CLICK -> LINK PRESENTATION Remember to add us to your social networks Sub / LIKES:

8.Reasons why you want to feel, work and family feel:
I always play on LMT server and i want to be part of LMT clan.

9.Reasons why you should not belong to the clan IMPORTANT:
Ihave not any reason.

10.What Waits clan? you find in, they have to satisfy Need:
I exepect friendship with every man in LMT and to have a lot off fun in ts.

11.What can you offer, give us the server, forum, ts "attitude-behavior-work Clan:
I am very active on server and can help clan in battle with cheaters.

12.You're a competitive person? This clan was not made to compete, keep in mind that looking at the clan:
I only want clear game without cheaters.

13.You Can collaborate economically server for payment ?. Voluntary but Nothing is free:
For now i am not in situation to donate.

14.You were in a clan? If so which writes and the reasons why you left IMPORTANT:
No,i wasn't

15.I agree to notify an issue temporary absence to avoid losing permissions or privileges or expelled IMPORTANT:
Yes,i will

16.Dispones TS3 and microphone? Need to know in the clan. Vital communication IMPORTANT:
No problems with ts.

17.How many hours you usually devote to ts? OBLIGED:
About 2-3 hours,every day.

18.How many messages you are going to spend the forum regularly? OBLIGED:
If something importatnt i will reply.

19.If You get to choose a power, you choose Fly or invisible ?:

20.Aceptas Everything I read not here but in general / etc Forum Rules and agree to it? Remember the use of TS and Forum is MANDATORY as a future member. We'll tell you when you can use the tag must first meet you.
I understand everything.
Ranger Walker
Ranger Walker
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Cod 4 Re: Re-Presentation CokiBH [LMT] member!!

el Vie 06 Oct 2017, 7:58 pm
hello coki tell you that welcome to the forum, to be a member of the clan first we have to meet you and to join the ts to let you know and then if we like you will be welcome. on the other hand, the control of the server of the cod UO already has its own administrators right now they will let you see little since they have their things to do but if you are interested in entering the clan as I said earlier enter the ts very often and meet you . a hug and do not forget to enter by ts
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