COD UO-|Unban Request Nodsx [03-11-2017]

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Cod UO COD UO-|Unban Request Nodsx [03-11-2017]

Mensaje por Adt el Vie 03 Nov 2017, 12:49 am

Dear LMT Famila,

Without any warnings, statements or proofs i got recently banned from the [LMT] Server ~Public~ .
Therefore I would like to know from you guys what is the reason for that?

Someone uploaded a 7 second clip of my gameplay here and in my opinion, it shows no evidence of using any kind of (wall)-hack.

Greetings Nodsx

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Cod UO Re: COD UO-|Unban Request Nodsx [03-11-2017]

Mensaje por Geezy el Lun 06 Nov 2017, 5:29 pm

I was the one who uploaded the video because you killed several players who were looking through the walls, including myself, and before that, I will report and record your game mode. Your score was high in seconds, it was more that you did not have deaths that seemed suspicious, and after reporting, you began to hide it, but I noticed that you are not forbidden.

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