CoD UO-| Unban Request '''Geniuss . [30.11.2017.]

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Cod UO CoD UO-| Unban Request '''Geniuss . [30.11.2017.]

Mensaje por GhostWarrior 2 el Jue 30 Nov 2017, 8:10 pm

First off all I want to greet every member in LMT Clan!!!
I am banned on LMT~Public~Server[UO] because every player think I using wh, that is not true!! I can explane my last Ban Request!!
Video bellow!

In this situation it looks like wh but NO, my dad played there, not me [Malik]!!
Superskinny killed him 3 or 4 times in that house, he tried to find him there few times, but Skinny killed him every time there, and my dad did not stop looking for him, he came in that house again, he decided to came in that room so fast, he found him there and kill!!
He decided to came in that room cause he told me:"i will try came in that room again with luckily to find him, that is only room I didnt search" THAT WAS LUCKILY SPRINT
And wh is not when someone kill me 100 times from same room, that is no wh!! WH is when I kill someone once ,and he report me in server, than in forum too!!
By the way i do not play too much on server, my dad did!!
And why you banning me, are u ANGRY on me becasue i left a clan together with Nana, Ian, Tosko......
I did not done any bad think for LMT clan, i was a normall member!!
So LMT "Admins" what about other CHEATERS in LMT server?? Example:Frau Malaria, Vesta, UnitedTigrez, Duke Nukem, Bork??
They using wh but they still play in LMT server and they have not problems with admins like me, every player hate me, why? i do not know, LMT Admins hate me, why, i do not know, i wish them all the best, but they do not like me cause I am honest!!

ADMINS please respond me on this post PLEASE i want hear why u hate me so much, am I done something wrong for the clan? am I stolen passwords from host am I done anything bad for the clan? Please tell me everyone!!
GhostWarrior 2

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