to join membership EwwE

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to join membership EwwE

Mensaje por [LMT]^0EwwE el Lun 26 Ene 2015, 11:09 am

Name game:EwwE
DoB : 25/09/1996
-Country / City: Delhi/India,
i love [LMT] server  public
I want to be lmt as it is a nice group of good players
The clan met him playing call of duty uo and I started to wonder what is LMT and I agrdo the idea of being part
It is the first clan in which I am
If I would like to post and comment so we can exchange ideas that help us become better players as well as improve the community
Which is not ts3 lol and if I have  microphone
My schedule of play is very common during the day because I love the game

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Re: to join membership EwwE

Mensaje por Vassili Ivanovich el Lun 26 Ene 2015, 5:18 pm

Hello and WElcome

Friend touseff Very Happy ithink news members are from india

Use this name and enjoy

-FirMA: "Haz CLICK"

|Fuerza y Honor|

[]|»Aqui Tienes Nuestras |Normas del ClaN|| Pregunta tus DUDAS»|[]
[LMT]ClaN GAMERS ™️ -Comunidad Topo-
Somos una familia unida si tienes un problema lo tenemos Todos!! |Recuerda eso.|

No sé cuál es la respuesta correcta....
Nunca lo he sabido....        
¡Ya sea que confíe en mí o en mis camaradas de cualquier manera!
¡Nadie sabe cuál será el resultado!!

Vassili Ivanovich
Vassili Ivanovich

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Re: to join membership EwwE

Mensaje por tU pApI el Mar 27 Ene 2015, 3:09 am

HI sr XD.... i know u and u know me!! so ILL SEE U in cod UO...
too LMT TOUSEEF and LMT ARVID r from INDIA!! but im ur BUDDY
tU pApI

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Re: to join membership EwwE

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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