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Cod 4 Ban - and unban request .

el Miér 24 Nov 2010, 6:21 pm
Hello guys . I didnt know where to put this but i just want to ask why im banned now for ever ? . I connected on server played harbor TDM and after end of the map im banned .

I wan to make something clear. I respect all admins  i dont insult u i dont do anything wrong . I just want to play in peace. When i play in same team as u guys im never banned , but when im playing agaist u im always banned.

One day i connect in dawnville and i join american team . I was walking on right side of the map when MILCOFF attacked me from behind and i jumped and killed him . After first kill i was banned straight away . Reason " aimbot " . Inst that interesting i kill admin and straight away ban ? .

I will record myself if u give me chance to show u that i dont cheat . I never insulted u and disrespected u and i love your server because its only server with good map rotation (execpt rhinevalley Razz ) and alot of players.

I  request for ur answer of all reasons u keep me banned . And let me proove that ur wrong .

ps : I am for full diplomatic solution .


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 Ban - and unban request . Lmt_va16
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 Ban - and unban request . Lmt_va15
 Ban - and unban request . Lmt_va12
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